All Wheel Drive + American Muscle = 2017 Dodge Challenger GT

The world’s first two-door American muscle car finally get its wings, well its traction wings in this case. So now us Northerners can have some fun in the snow and look cool doing it without fishtailing avoiding possible insurance increases. Don’t expect for this model to make any chilling Hemi growls or delivering muscular Hemi power numbers for the GT AWD comes equipped with 305-hp 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine mated to ZF’s 8-speed automatic transmission. If these specs look any way familiar to you it’s because they’re similar to the Challenger’s SXT.


Just likes its AWD Charger brother, the Challenger GT will offer a similar All-Wheel-Drive framework with the dynamic transfer case and front-axle disconnect. The price tag on this AWD Muscle Monster is quoted to start at $33k and will roll out during the first quarter of 2017. For those wondering if the Challenger GT will be any slower than the Challenger SXT, I can safely bet just a little. But it is a V-6 so you should not expect 180 on the dash anyways. Dodge did release this statement for their concerned customers as to those whose worried about the Challenger’s output; “The GT will deliver the performance, power and all-weather capability to carve through some of the worst weather Mother Nature can dish out.”  Source Credit: