Stop The Presses! Apple’s iPhone 8 Is in The Debate

You may want to hold your horses if considering buying the iPhone 7.  With Apple’s recent exciting release of its latest chapter, Apple is now focusing their attention to their next gen, the 10th anniversary of the iPhone series; the iPhone 8. As rumored through many credible online reports, the iPhone 8 is geared to be the big one. Apple is currently developing hardware for the 10th year installment, with the emphasis on a plan that is “distinctive.” The recent iPhone 7 stirred up a lot of controversy due to the lack of the headphone jack and the touch home screen button, making loyal customers not too happy about the phone. Thus causing a lot of customers to hold out on purchasing the recent 7. Now that details about the 8 have surfaced, expectations of the 7 sales may fade, even more, causing the 7 to be merely nonexistent. Apple enthusiast who is familiar with Apple iPhone releases can expect the debut of the iPhone 8 of Fall 2017. Source: Cnet

Revamp and reborn – Some of the expected changes that the iPhone 8 will host

  • Wireless charging ditching its lightning cable
  • Full screen, dropping the current  bezel
  • Possibly curved design, exploring OLED display
  • A Ceramic Body, like that of the Apple Watch Series 2