Chevy’s SS Model to be Laid to Rest 

GM announced early January that the production of its Chevy SS models will cease come the end of 2017. Reason for such termination of an all time envied model is due to low numbers in sales. Though, the sales of the SS model increased 4.1 percent in 2016 compared to previous annual sales in 2015. Happens to be the same model that chevy uses in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series.

Chevy SS Trailblazer

The SS model short for “Super Sport” is a high performance package option offered on certain models of Chevrolet cars and trucks.The first SS model made its debut in 1961 for the Impala. Chevys modern SS kit brings higher grade of engine performance (Camaro SS ex.) equipped with the 6.2 L, V8 engine backed with 415 horsepower along with a sportier appearance. Whereas the standard Camaro are equppied with 3.6L, V6 with 323 horses. 

Chevy SS Camaro