Brace Yourself For The All New Dodge DEMON

Jesus hasn’t returned but a demon is sure to be released. 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is everything that its name says to be. The muscle heavyweight Dodge Demon is blessed with power that some has only dreamt of, out doing the high ranking Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Weighing in at 200 pounds lighter than the Hellcat equipped with drag racing tires, allowing for all wheel drive capability is literally driving straight out the gates of hell. Claiming the belt to being the most powerful muscle car that ever gripped the road.


What makes the SRT Demon so Hellish other than its name? Simple, the relation that the engine has with the exhaust. The power that expels from this monster’s pipes strikes as if it’s ripping through the sound barrier. Definitely, will make the hair on your arm stand at full attention while tearing through your soul. The Demon’s gruesome growl backed with its high-performance intake system is the first of its kind, offering a Torque Reverse Launch System which activates when the engine revolutions surpass the 1,000 per minute when set in “Launch Mode”. (Yes, like most newer cars this car to sport various modes that alter performance, suspension, and steering)

Dodge manufacturer simplified exactly that of what this system does by stating, “it lets more air flow through the engine before launch, allowing for increased supercharger rpm without torque overwhelming the brakes and spinning the rear tires.”

Decode the Equation

My take of all this is it’s a HEMI that’s supercharged, which is nice. Did I mention that the SRT Demon is sporting more horses? 757 to be exact, though some sources speculate 900 (let us pray for the 900). Set to hit the market in 2018, Dodge has released a weekly video teaser providing insight of the SRT Demon along with hidden messages (include plate picture) leaving viewers alike to decode the message. Source