Apple RED Edition: PRODUCT RED

Apple’s product “RED edition” is set to hit the markets Friday, March 24th   (TODAY by the way). Adding a new color option to its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus lineup. However, unlike the other available colors, The RED Edition is “limited” and is in conjunction with Global Funds to Fight AIDS with the goal in mind of bringing “us a step closer to an AIDS-Free generation”.  The iPhone Red Edition features a red aluminum body and white bezel. Though this model iPhone is a relaunch of the already existing 7 and 7 Plus, Apple’s fans are still on the edge of their seats gearing up for the release. Also, the pricing is a 100 bucks more for the RED than the standard 7 and 7Plus.




My Thoughts

  • Common sense would tell you to donate directly but with Apple being the persuader that they are, you can expect sale numbers to do well.
  • Impressive shade of Red but not impressive enough to make me switch out colors. MAYBE if the BAZZEL CAME IN BLACK (hint hint), then I will be on broad with it.
  • Thankfully, Apple’s website provide an option to contribute directly to the Global Fund without having to purchase a device