Tekken 7: SAVAGE

For all the Tekken fans out there, you’ll be pleased to know that Namco Bandai is going all out to make this best installment yet. Set to release June 2nd Tekken 7 is reckon to be full savage and should be called Tekken Savage. Tekken 7 is loaded with new game features such as the Power Crush and Rage Arts along with 37 characters, 7 of which are new. Brace yourself players for the Power Crush feature that allows you still land hits breaking your opponent’s combo, allowing for reversal.  The Rage Arts are sure to spice things up, enabling players to execute a powerful special. As for the 7 new characters, Tekken really diversified some things by adding a Filipino woman and Middle Eastern dude.  There’s more, Bandai Namco plans to feature 3 guest players from other games that will be available through post-release DLC support, which is going to be a total knockout.